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Mejrkh Alerts

Know what people are saying about you online.

With Mejrkh Alerts you get to know what people are saying about on the internet. You get a notification whenever your keyword is mentioned anywhere on the internet. The Dashboard gives you top notch analytics for you to improve your brand image on the internet as well as track your competition.

Mejrkh Alerts

The only system in Zimbabwe that lets you listen to what people are saying about you, your brand and your organization.

Student Management Realtime Technology (SMRT)

Empowering Safe Education

SMRT - A Smart Solution for Student Safety, Tracking & Management.

Enhanced Student Safety

The SMRT system provides real-time GPS tracking through the smart bracelet, ensuring parents and school staff can monitor students' whereabouts at all times. In cases of potential danger or emergencies, the system enables quick response and timely intervention, enhancing overall student safety.

Streamlined Attendance Management

With the SMRT Card's RFID capability and the integration of attendance tracking in the software, schools can efficiently record student attendance. This automation reduces the administrative burden on teachers and staff.

Comprehensive Data Analysis for Informed Decisions

The SMRT software offers data analysis tools that collate student performance, behavior, health status, and more from the SMRT Card and Bracelet.
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